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The Title.! Natsu x reader
*+*Your Prov*+*
So its Canas birthday and she thinks its a brilliant idea to play karaoke.
Lucy walked up to me with the biggest smirk on her face ive ever seen her pull,this only means one thing....shes looking for something from me and i was right Lucy,Cana and Erza all want me to go up and sing the first son...Me? Sing?
Well a couple of shots of vodka and the girls pushing me to the stage I decided why not its Canas birthday after all.
*+*Natsu Prov*+*
Happy turned to with his cheeky smile "Look isn't that (your name) going on stage?" and he was right there she is her beautiful (h/l) H/c) hair is curled it suits her, I cant help but stare at (y/n) shes perfect in every way possible, "Natsu your blushing again" Happy snapped me out of my thoughts before anyone else noticed "You should tell (your name) how you feel about her before someone else steals her from you" Natsu said with a mouth full of chocolate cake. Maybe I should tell her how I feel about her, maybe she feels the same ab
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 32 8
Our Secret Gray X Reader
As you were walking back to your house after a long and interesting day at the guild,
You looked over to the park and saw Gray sitting on a bench near the pond.
Walking over to him you could tell something was wrong "Hey Gray what you doing around here?" Sitting beside him he looked to be deep in thaught
"Hmm..oh Hi (y/n) , oh nothing really just thinking" smiling over at you sent a chill down your spine knowing how much you loved his gently smile."
cool, are you ok? need a hug" laughing a little at your "fake" joke secretly hoping he said yes,
"Ya im ok...its just Im trying to get over my childish fears" Gray looked down abit embarrested, you giggled and put your hand on his back "whats your fear? maybe I can help, no point facing it alone".Gray sighed and after a moment he spoke,
"Im scared of.....the dark, well more like whats in the dark not the dark itself" you giggled a little but tried to hold it in "Ooh...well I guess I can still help you if you want" Smiling as Gray lifted his
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 136 19
Little White Box Natsu X Reader
"(Y/N)" Natsu ran up to you and (bestfriends name) with a small white box in his hand "What now Natsu" you sigh rolling your eyes " remember yesterday at the shops?" natsu's eyes widened with excitment "Uh ya why..what did you do know?" you started to worry "N..nothing i just noticed you liked the peach flavoured lip gloss thingy in claires" natsu started to blush and rub the back of his neck "well...I...I thought it w...would look g...g...good on you so...I...uh here" Natsu shoved the white box in you face "Thanks Natsu" :3 you opened the box to find the peach lip gloss and a dragon shaped necklas "Uh ya i thought I'd give it to you showing our friendship" Natsu stared at your lips as you put the lip gloss on "Uh Natsu my eyes are up here" pointing at your (e/c) as Natsu blushed bright red "does the lip gloss taste nice?" natsu asked looking at his feet "well kinda but it smells better" natsu smirked 2Maybe i should try and see if i taste anything?" (bestfriend) started laug
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 74 29
Love Triangle, Reader x Laxus x Gray Part 2
The next the four mages met up at the guild and set off to the next town to their job.
On the way to the train station Gray takes your bag "It looks heavy (nickname) I'll take it for you" massive smile spread across your face as you blush just alittle and Laxus roles his eyes "why would she want a pussy boy like you to take her back she wants a real man" Laxus winks at you making you blush just alittle more.
-Few Hours Later-
"Soo what is our job exactly" you turn to Juvia trying to make conversation in your hotel room but like always she just glares at you making you nervous but she finally says "Juvia doesnt like how Gray-sama talks to you but our job is to go to a festival and be gaurds as their has been weird things going out lately" "ooh ok".
Its you and Juvia on one the opening of the festival and the lads at the exit of it when all of a sudden theres people screaming and running in all directions as smoke starts to form around you and the last thing you hear is Juvia
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 90 325
Love Triangle, Reader x Laxus x Gray
"(Y/N)..." Laxus walks over to you,Erza and Lucy."What now?" You barked back looking up at the tal;l blonde haired boy," Iwas wondering if you would go on a quest with me?" Laxus looks away from embarresment "Oh uuh i dont know, why arer you asking me?" blushing slightly "your strong plus Erza sorta scares me and Lucy gets on my nerves" the girls just laughed as you went pure red,"Well su-" before you could answer Gray stood beside you with his hand on your shoulder "would she fuck go anywhere with you,you'd probably rape her or something" Laxus grew alittle angry but quickly smirked and said "its not rape if she asked for it " laxus just turned and winked at (Y/N) making you blush even more,"Hey (Y/N) i think you should go with Laxus" Erza whispered while Lucy just nodded, with a sigh you turned to laxus and sai "i'll go on one condition" grays face dropped while laxus just smirked "sure babe anything for you" "BABE?" gray nearly dropped dead on the stop "only if gray comes with us" y
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 110 169
A smiles worth more than a thousand words by Elmo4Life A smiles worth more than a thousand words :iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 2 0
Love triangle Natsu X Reader X Gajeel part 3
*+*Night Before*+*
You could bearly sleep that night thinking how your date with Gajeel would go, where would he bring you.? What would happen.? Would he ask you to be his.? Would he confess his love.? And would he kiss you.? So many questions  went across your mind and everytime you though of that smirk across his face and how he kissed the tip of your nose you'd start fangirling, rolling around the floor squealing. You walked over to your wardrode to find something cute to wear.
*+*Next Day*+*
You coundlt find a single thing to wear so lucy let you borrow a (fav colour) with white bow pattens that was strapless and a matching pair of black heels. You looked at yourself in the mirror looking at how the dress fit you perfectly, the way your curled (h/c) looked and your light make-up. As you where making your way down stairs the doorbell rang and your heart skipped about three beats and you pretty much ran to the door. "Hi Gajeel" your smile grew as you saw the dragon slayer standi
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 132 49
Love triangle Natsu X Reader X Gajeel part 2
*+*Night Before*+*
You could bearly sleep that night thinking how your date with Natsu would go, where would he bring you.? What would happen.? Would he ask you to be his.? Would he confess his love.? And would he kiss you.? So many questions  went across your mind and everytime you though of that smile across his face and how he winked at you you'd start fangirling, rolling around the floor squealing. You walked over to your wardrode to find something cute to wear.
*+*Next Day*+*
Three hours and about twenty different outfits later you decided to go with a (fav colour)strapless dress with black heels.You got dressed and straightened your (h/l) (h/c) hair and put some make up on. Any moment know Natsu would be knocking on the door you walked back and forth in your sittingroom playing with your fingers.Wondering what he has planned for the two off you.You where so in your own thoughts you didnt hear the door bell ring and ring and ring until a big *BANG* brought you out of your tho
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 137 17
Love triangle Natsu X Reader X Gajeel Part 1
"H...hey (y/n)" "oh hey there Natsu whats up" you looked up at the pink haired boy and smiled, "I was just wondering would you...uh...yould you-" he was cut off by "Go on a date with Gajeel" Gajeel stood over you with your favourite flower smirking down at you,"Buzz off i asked her first" Natsu pushed Gajeel away from you who still hasnt said a word "Noooo you s...s...stuttered at (y/n) you blushed as your name rolled of his tounge "Shut up metal mouth" Natsu stood infront of you with his hands clenched with made you blush even more you liked both the dragon slayers but never knew they would be right here fighting over YOU you of all the girls in the room, you giggled to yourself as you started to mentaly  fangirl over all of this "NO you shut up you pink haired baboon" the two boys started fighting....again!
"Heyyy (y/n) whats up" Lucy smiled sitting beside you with Wendy and Erza, "Natsu and Gajeel asked me....out" you started to turn different shades of red at that very moment
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 232 52
Juvia Strikes Again Gray X Reader
(Sorry guys but i really dont like Juvia so if you do please dont go mad at me /).(\ )
"Wheres Gray-Sama.? where is he juvia needs him" Juvia was running around the guild like a headless chicken. "He's over there with (y/n)" (your bestfriend) loved to annoy you!"Gray-Sama come with Juvia, Juvia needs your help" she pulled Gray as far away from you as she could, you went and sat beside Lucy "She's very hyper today huh?" you pouted a little as Gray and Juvia where talking, "Ya but it annoys me how she just takes Gray away like that" Lucy snorted a little.
"(y/n)" Juvia had walked up behind you with a huge smile on her face "What do you want blubber but?" as you said that Lucy and Erza nearly chocked on there drinks from laughing.
"Juvia wants to know if Juvia can take Gray-Sama home to help out" juvia started playing with her hands and wouldnt look at you. "Uuuuh Juvia i dont think you should have asked that" (your bestfriend) said grinning a little and what was
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 209 160
Horse show :D My girl Beauty by Elmo4Life Horse show :D My girl Beauty :iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 2 0
First Kiss Natsu X Reader
Hey everyone this is my first ever x reader so im really sorry if its not good :) i hope you enjoy it.!!!!
"I had my first kiss under the big tree in the park" Cana and the others where talking about their first kiss. "Where did you have your first kiss lucy.?" Erza asked while taking a sip of her third bottle of beer,"Uuh.. well it was in a game of seven minutes in heaven" Lucy smiled trying not to blush.They all turned to (y/n) who was being very quiet for once,"well what about you (fav nickname)?" Wendy asked giggling alittle "me.? oh...uhm...well...i...i havent had my first kiss actually" you eplain as you hide your face "REALLY.? I thought natsu would have made his move by now" Mirajane shouted not realising Natsu was at the other table with Gray,Happy and Gajeel. "S...s...shut up Mirajane he would n...n...never try anything like that with"you had gone several different shades of red at this stage, all the girls giggled and Erza stood on her chair and shouted "OI NATSU,GRAY
:iconelmo4life:Elmo4Life 405 174


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Well Um,
I'm 17
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My favorite colors are red,black and dark dark blue
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I'm also very protective of people close to me
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The main things ya need to know about me is I can either be your bestfriend or your worst nightmare if you push me to far ^.^
Hi everyone I just wanted to say that Im sorry I havent been on in months been super busy with college and work then finding a new job (still looking haha) and with alot of Exams for my course this and next week I might not be on for another few weeks BUT dont worry I will be back and to make up for it I will have atleast 3 different xreaders for you all just to try and catch up with what Ive meant to do. I would also like to thank everyone who have read/commented and favourited my x readers Im really greatful and and so happy that you all like them also anyone who has watched me I also thank you, Im sorry if I couldnt reply to everyone who commented and favourited my stories I got threw alot of them but there are quite alot sooo it might take me sometime you message you so heres a fast and easy way of saying to everyone you whos read my stories,been on my page,  watched me, favourited my stories and commented that I am really really REALLY happy that you all like them and how some of you found them funny and cute and even blushed :3 so Thank you for supporting me and I will be back soon with more stories for you all. ^_^ Have A Great Day. 


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